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People today love natural things. In the past, there have been many tips and tricks how people used to clean specific stains inside their home, and today that has mostly been forgotten due to some strong chemicals that can be purchased in almost every home store in town.

However, if you are not a fan of these chemicals that usually use some poisons and strong odors that can harm your eyes or lungs unless you use PPE than you might be interested in the natural ways the Carpet Cleaning Experts in Chandler Use for cleaning stains in your home.

There are many stains in the world today that will give you different levels of hardships but if your carpet is having these types of issues than we at www.CarpetCleaningChandler.org will help you solve these issues.

Removing coffee stains using beer

When it comes to a natural way of removing a coffee stain nothing is more beautiful than using beer to remove that stain. Pour a bit of beer on the stain and wait for a couple of minutes before you use a rag to blot the area and remove the stain completely.

Using vinegar on many different types of stains

Vinegar is the strongest home item you can use to remove tons of stains. If you want to remove small stains that are of the lighter color than use one table spoon of salt mixed in with 1 cup of vinegar and dilute it with some water. Place the mixture inside the spray bottle and spray the area or simply dampen a rag inside the solution and scrub the stain.

For bigger stains that can also have a darker tone use the same mixture as above but add 2 table spoons of borax or baking soda and repeat the process.

Using corn starch

Corn starch is great when we have oil stains or ink stains. If you have to deal with them it’s smart to apply corn starch right away. For ink stains use corn starch and mix it with milk to create a paste like substance. Place the paste on the spot where the ink stain is present and leave it to dry for several hours. Once the stains are nice and dry remove it with a vacuum or just simply brush it off.

If you are fighting oil stains than just simply place the corn starch on the stain and let it absorb the oil. Once the whole stain I covered in corn starch, leave it to rest for a couple of hours and then also vacuum it up.

Clean red wine stains with salt

There is a trick when you spill red wine and that is to spill some white wine over the red wine stain and after a minute start cleaning the spot with a cold water wet rag. Once you scrub it use some salt to sprinkle the area and leave it to dry. Once a few hours have passed vacuum the area and it should be free of your red wine mistake.